“Perverse thoughts separate a man from God, and when his power is put to the test, it reproaches the foolish.”

The title of this post is the words from Wisdom 1:1-7. I heard them today in the first reading at Mass.

What is wisdom? How do we find it? Just by listening to God every day, feeding on his word, there is such a wealth of wisdom in Scripture. If we want to follow the way of wisdom, it is not worth having perverse and evil thoughts. God wants our happiness, and the absence of perversity is one of the conditions for leading a peaceful life, that is, one in which our conscience does not accuse us.

In my opinion, life is simple: day after day, week after week, we can seek wisdom, we can open ourselves up to the desire to live a wise life, and I associate wisdom in life with peace, with living joyfully, without remorse. We are to draw closer to a better, more perfect life, and we can achieve such a life through the action of God’s grace.

God’s grace has the power to make our lives truly beautiful and good. To fall in love with God’s law, God’s providence – this is the key to happiness and peace.

Trust in God and He will show you the way to a beautiful and happy life. For me life is really simple, just stick to God’s commandments.

Dare to live. It’s YOUR life. I wish you a great day.


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